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Mercury Waters by KarlaCr0me Mercury Waters by KarlaCr0me
I've been doing a lot of peoples' characters lately it seems lol But hey, it keeps me from the routine, so it's a good thing, no?

So yes, this is Mercury, owned by :iconsnapesnogger: . I dunno why... but since last week I've had this intense urge to draw that character of hers. It was something different to try for one, and he's enough of an interesting character ^^

Before I get some "OMG YOU'RE SOOO SUCKING UP!" well um, no, not really. I felt like drawing this for fun, not to suck up, and I know how good it feels like to get fanart once in a while ;) And I also know what it feels like to create characters and love them so much (I can think about Leon, Angela, Killy, Alice, Felina) so in a way, I understand how she might feel about Mer and the rest of her Naga crew.

Also, yes, I drew him with a nose but let's face it, snapesnogger's style works a lot better for having no nose (or with, whichever) but mine wouldn't fit at all. Poor Mer would look like some sort of alien o_O... Nah, no thanks. I wanted to see how he would turn out in my style, you know, just for fun ^^ And I did have loads of fun! It's my first time drawing a Naga at all, so it was pretty cool. Also, I notice Mer often looks sad... And frankly, at first I was working on a sadder piece.. but in the end, this came out instead. In the end, I thought maybe he needed a bit of cheering up ;) I'm sure he likes to have fun once in a while!

Mercury, Red Venom and all its concepts are (c) Gemma Wilson</b>
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June 18, 2006
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